Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mono to Mono

I have recently changed into a commodity and not a person. My printer is frozen, no print/scan/copy and microsoft says no you belong to me. No I don't belong to anybody but the people for whom I have always written. My computer was on - all lights for connection showing - and there was a file uisiaidioitigioivi. I need to be able to converse with whomever is running my words. No changes in words; no misunderstandings like March letter with me looking for college funds for children of dead mom on Christmas morning, and ended up with a sensationalized story flying across the cybersky, with terrible things said, into the hands of the husband and father of these grieving kids. Please find him and let his anger go - not for me - for your own unique new tell the truth, do the bestto keep sites safe. Use a different personal question every single time I come to Google. Because there was no money in the Angel Network Fund, I was directed to a possible investment group in midwest. What?? Pay for another honor? It was either sell out sales for LI membership, and higher apr credit card with no guarantee of keeping that apr - it was a floating apr. I've been through that. I have almost lost my apt. I have had $1.02 left to my name, as any money left in my ckacct is for my high interest credit card; one bill for the first time will go unpaid. It is my cable TV; I have never missed a payment of anything until a year of total destruction; a few months of a slow death, cost me my home of fifteen years, the death of my precious son, and finding out the man I married was already married in another state. They still took my house because I used my credit cards for the two months necessary to send construction crews six miles north, where a tornado took out the bones and roofs of a small rural town. I was told over and over my SBL (small business loan) for $100,000 would be in the bank the 1st of June. It never came.. Sorry, try back in October. Construction runs on a weekly pay & taxes. This wasn't about taxes. We made over $315,000 in two months, paid taxes, and more taxes. The bankrupt judge, ended up being the attorney who represented the group of doctors who invested in real estate. He knew I had almost paid off our home. The equity was there. It was wrong. The same week my son died on his motorcycle, was a week with a meeting to receive my notice that I was being evicted of my home, our only source of security. Luckily I had a little business still running to keep me alive. The Medical Secretary had been in business with medical doctors and ancillary medical businesses. When I gave back a couple of new accounts whose doctors (most) refused to speak so we could understand them. We were the cream of the crop transcriptionists; some already holding fulltime jobs heading up the transcription units of the medical school, huge practices, etc. etc. I also taught medical terminology, living in a motel room. No home, only working capital, and a slim chance to survive as I was getting very, very ill over the last ten years. I was losing my memory, short term, but you need that one. Except, to writing words. I should not have had to apply for bankruptcy as it was a situation where bigomy & a $24,000 steal took over where my son's death and not getting the Small Business Loan, when I had other equity for them to take. This home has been sold at auction every year for all the years I have been out of it (14). Later, times up. Kitty

Thursday, September 9, 2010

AddThis - Get Your Button

AddThis - Get Your Button

DEAR COOL and COOLEST men in the world!
What ARE you doing?
You are all in better health then me; I am kind of worrying how long this little blog will last. I'll do my best. I have a lot to say. War could develop out of all this. People are scared. I've got to make them understand what the world is doing; what Everyone's God, my only God:] is giving no more choices. Good or Evil -
Fair - Greed misery or happiness - Feeling like a man - men will want what they want that keeps him feeling like he is being needed. Once people start using them, they paying them, that was okay. Pick what you like to do. Set your sites, but don't try to hurt anyone. We need your muscles or abilities as what has always been killed UNITED STATES. It had to be built. For God's sake, hire your neighbor, e loney because you are a jerk. Your wife will be making new friends all her life, while you make one friend. Wouldn't you think divorce is right around the corner? You must compromise; go over your words that YOU promiseinnd when you got married. You take one wife, YOU made lifetime PROMISES. Don't you leave a woman who hands you her life. You PROMISED, DON'T COVET, don't leave them alone.
There will be a day one one of you starts making more friends and enjoying both old/new friends? YOU PROMISED to hang out and enjoy each other, live's will be happier. Put your money in the bank after you sit at the round table in groups first. Bet on each other. I am I am going on the KTE 500 badge from I think it was Forbes many years ago. So I can't think of getting to the construction site any safer than through my address at home. Talk about a home job. I am losing my memory, and the internet has replaced it with buttons before I wouldn't know what it did for me. I will get amneixa someday. I have nothing to leave my kids; that's not going to happen, because I made lots of money, even as a female in my lifetime. I was a single mom, but my boy's and I always lived a good life. They should never suffer just because we decided to not find things in common we were supposed to grow on. We will get lonely. Losen up. Have some fun. Invite people to cook out, picnic, float a boat. Don't hang out with negative people, search for the one's you have a common sense of laughs and values. Make life happy again. Save for the kids. Invest in the U.S. We are rebuilding starting Friday, I was promised enough to buy the ground and note for an almost foreclosed site sight. If you invest in me before Friday to get the job done, I think it would be less tax. The bank and the govenment will buy it; and it will cost us. Invest in me. I got the highest score in ETHICS and ORGANIZATION than anyone in the world hanging around LinkedIn, and I belong to the Who's Who of Carnegie that I turned down because they wanted to charge me $700. who am I?
Think how you would feel if YOUR wife was hanging out on the other corner doing the same thing, checking out other Guys. GUY'S it's time to renegotiate with God. Come as you are. PEACE. Kitty PS: If you don't think quick there could be a war. That's how you boys play. DON'T YOU DARE START ANOTHER WAR IN MY UNITED STATES.
This his how boys fight.
Sit like a man at a round mahogany table and build our new country. We will survive with PRIDE THROUGH FACING EVIL. Time's Up!
As always,
Kitty Kelso

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day, September 6, 2010

Perhaps there has been a sort of marriage. Without Google for me to teach, I would have never learned. We are the ones who will enjoy my PEACE for PEACE Home Program as it unfolds over the next years. You have been my best of the best investments of my time, as I have been dyslexic and full of ADD, and without the visual aspects that you have learned to offer someone like me, I have been able to make just a small change in the new way people might look at the world.

We will be busy, you and me. We will keep the Investors updated with days ahead. We will keep the believers updated with progress and regress, but we will keep everyone updated on Faith, Hope, and Charity as it works.

Thank you, Google Teams, Kitty Kelso