Saturday, August 23, 2014

Depth of Death

To my someday followers. Eventually I will tell people where my true blog is located. I am building what I hope will be the final draft of ongoing life as it happens at It is a mixture of getting to know the things that are important to this teacher, Much of my teaching has come from the music, the beautiful music and my life. Kitty Kelso

Tonight I shared this writing. I use to Journal as well as a place for me to go and just stay awhile listening to my favorite music of a lifetime. I will share this blog address with my Group at - Google Reader, Google Reader - Re-Instated. I don't work for Google or any Internet group. I do work for all the people, for free, for now.

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 I hate goodbyes. Since I was a little girl, I would sob not only with goodbyes in person, but long goodbyes in movies or on TV. Forever, goodbyes were the worst. I knew I needed to find the problem and fix it, or I would lay down and die the day my three sons individually, moved away. I worked at an 800 bed hospital for 17 years; I was typing the autopsy reports while attending a few for knowledge sake. The last one I walked into was my best friend from high school. I had talked to her in the not to distant past, as I dropped by my Christmas happy will, during the next generation of our distant lives. No longer did I attend or wonder about death. I kept working and transcribing other's autopsy reports for years. Then I got that call. You know, that pounding on the door in the middle of the night. I (single mom) had raised three wonderful sons. By this time, they had their motorcycles and cars. I heard noise but the only words I heard was, Kitty, he's gone. My middle, 22 y/o funny beautiful loving son, was dead. He ceased every tie to the minds of happiness that he had a habit of delivering to all, but especially to me, his mom. There is absolutely no pain in the world like this; it is a killer in so many ways. I have had to rebuild an armor-like personality that could withstand the smiles I passed out in days and years to come, yet, trying to be sure that I saved one for myself at the end of each day (it didn't always work out that way). I see the messages of life that fill Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and so many other venues across this Internet, and I am not only taken to a smile, but often a LOL . I find myself trying to give back so much inspiration, if only in my words, to tell you and hope you feel how precious life is not only daily, but by the second. As years go by, I never forget.; But, I am a whole me again.  I will never be the first Kitty Kelso. I am a much stronger version, always on standby for moving forward, building business teams, spreading insights into all of my experiences.  I avoid watching goodbyes most all of the time. I get it , there is no second chance to show your love. It must be now in all facets of life. Kitty Kelso