Wednesday, April 30, 2014 Get Smart Layers | AddThis Get Smart Layers | AddThis: Get Smart Layers | AddThis The Story Teller will be telling you insight into the mind of a writer. There are many other titles; but, it is...

Liberty Mutual Insurance Company

Rental Possession Insurance Coverage

Get Smart Layers | AddThis

Get Smart Layers | AddThis

The Story Teller will be telling you insight into the mind of a writer. There are many other titles; but, it is boiling down to this. I have a blog, actually three blogs that I am trying to get put together. The earliest one I talked to myself for a year. It has been twelve years of learning from the outside-in of the technical, programming, and engineering business. I have had the best support from my Yahoo Team. My Microsoft buddies were never far behind. I wandered around, starting with Forbes and the New York Times. I didn't know I was a writer. But I sure had ideas, opinions, and comments. In one week, Dorothy Orr (Forbes) told me I had over 900 replies to my one opinion. She ran me over to Microsoft and made me a Partner; Reuters was with us. I am bound for the 500 inc. board, I have an infrastructure and a project for the soldiers' families waiting in the wings. Liberty Mutual Insurance Company was my fathers. Please consider its' coverage for yourself; and if you have some good ideas for strange coverage types, please notify me. . I am not a partner anywhere in my mind. I might have a badge at Google (((. (I told them I don't do badges, just ask foursquare.). We'll see how this all plays out. I hope you will join us.

Jim Croce - Time in a bottle - 1973

Can you feel the words? So sad this man, Jim Croce, died a short time after making this classic. I still pray the right man is hearing these words from me.....

Terry Jacks - Seasons In The Sun

The middle of my 3 sons died at the age of 22 (motorcycle). After 15 years, I only think of the good stuff.  I miss all three of them. This song always comes to mind this time of the year. Kitty

Yesterday, 8/21/15, was my Todd's birthday. After all this time, I walked to his grave in the cemetery where so many young people have died, it takes my breath away. There were already balloons and gifts sitting on the small bench. It made me smile to know, others had never forgotten him. He was a gift, what a fine gift. It's still not I trip a make often, I turn to stone when I turn into the cemetery entrance. My mother and brother are not far away in the layout of the unbearable silent flat ground covered with names, dates, and a few words of friends and family missing this person who lies six feet down in the earth. I don't understand all of any process of what feelings I should feel, but I know that I am as solid in my coping mechanism as the granite of the head stones that cover the terrain. I only have to read the words engraved to Todd that is attached to his monument - it's a letter from me, mom. Then it all comes back, all the good stuff, the grand human being this young man became, and touched so many lives, in his short one. It is a difficult journey, but it was a smile I walked away

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Romantic Love Songs 80s. For The Most Delicate Love. Michael Jackson, Cu...

Backgroud music from YouTube, Subscribed to Enigma Music Channel. I am so happy to have this collection of wisdom playing deep in my mind while I surf this grand web. Kitty Kelso

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sinead vs New Pope

I am Catholic, very Catholic. This is a most interesting explanation and interpretation of of another form of Politics vs strike on Catholicism. Sinead is a very intelligent woman. She just might be a bit of a visionary as well. Pope Francis is going to canonize two previous Popes. That means they will forever be declared Saints. With what has been the worst possible sin against nature happened at the hands and knowledge of these popes is confusing to me. Saints & pediophile in the same two inch space to me, does not declare any Sainthoods are in order at this time. I am beating down the vatican doors to start Orphanages run with the standards and principles put on this earth by the rules of my God. I see this as the only way to re-instate Catholicism in its' major capacity ever again. These memories are history for the books forever. You save yourself by saving the Children. We have empty National Nun facilities with up to 700 rooms, cafeteria, pool, infirmary, farm, 100 acres of peace and safety. This is what the bible means when it says, "Suffer the little children to me for only then will theirs be the kindom of heaven." I always wondered about that said by both Mattew and John in the Bible. Saints names chizelled over doorways of Hospitals should be removed. It is mis-representing and exploiting the deeper meaning of Catholicism. There are no more nurse nuns. There is room for a school, preschool, daycare, K-12 on site. I can not not say that I was embarrassed and shocked when I saw the Vatican announcment re: canonization plans. Please Pope Francis, re consider your priorities and your principles. Kitty Kelso

Sinead O'Connor's thoughts on the new Pope

Is this the time to canonize (make Saints) two previous  popes

Sinead O'Connor I Don't Know How To Love Him

You know who you are....Thank you Sinead for putting my thoughts into words.