Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I wrote this for all of the new friends I am making around the World, here at Google & Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo. I am a terrible blogger as I do all of my writing out on the main stage. I know almost nothing about the technologics involved in making this great invention called the Internet. It has taken the Google Reader Group and all of the ISP people who have been patient with me over several countries. Night & Day, there has always been a tech to help me. The programmers listened to my offered suggestions for moving forward and began to follow me on Twitter. Next to Tom Cruise, this was my favorite of "follower". The Engineers make it all happen. I salute you all; and I thank you for the virtual steps you have made to make me all that I can be.....


Did you ever have a friend, or want to be one? Neil sings those words somewhere in his music, it might not be exact, as I take away messages from his wise suggestions. It is my opinion that under some circumstances it is more important to be a good friend than possibly picking your next wife/husband/partner. Friendships last much, much longer as the people who qualify are usually interested and caring for life. The people who know you the longest and the deepest, will never judge you. They will unconditonally accept you as you are. Friends are the most important people you could/should gather throughout your life. Someday, you will need each of them, if only for awhile. Don't lose touch though, as you may need different doses of them as your life moves along. A Christmas Card would be nice. Friends are a true gift, and even a surprise at times. All people are too many; a few true friends are just right. k
The World's Got Talent! See how the Universal Language of Music is creating a commonality between our countries. We make friends with all countries who understand the happiness music is bringing to all continents. I watched it all. I am amazed at the Talent China has to bring to the table of personal art! I am honored to share this pleasant and important variety of artists from around the World. Kitty Kelso

Male cry jury with an incredible voice (+playlist)