Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Will I ever learn Programming Lingo?

I am so embarrassed to not be able to answer questions that seem so logical to another visonary world population, yet deduce me to a fool, frustrated and angry (sad), that after four 6-7 hrs. I am less far, that I was at 9:00 a.m. Ask me anything medical: want your appendix removed, your gallbladder obliterated from cholecystitis , calcifications in your kidneys - I am the one to talk to about it. These are words I understand. The human body, I understand. Medical journals, I understand. But, get one little important gadget or widget onto this page - I can't get it done, not even in almost 7 hrs.

I will continue to chip away at this great Redwood-production. I don't get the language, even when my team talks what they consider "baby-talk" to me. I am a common sense specialist. I fix things - but I can't fix my new blog.

Please be patient with me; don't let this work in progress stop you from leaving me a note; preferrably a cheer-up note. Maybe some of you have been through this trip, and can tell me it will all be better soon!

Click follow in the upper dashboard next to my name, and you will be able to see my progress/lackof, etc. God Bless, and kudo's to the google team for their help and patience. Kitty


iGoogle: "todo". If you add this "todo" list add-on you will see or read about the things I am working on; or hope to get to soon. Join me as a follower in my new blog As always, Kitty

How do I add the Following gadget to my blog? - Blogger Help

How do I add the Following gadget to my blog? - Blogger Help: "Yes No"